Antique ship / yacht bell engraved CHIONE, 1899.


Antique yacht / ship's bell engraved CHIONE, 1899. 

The CHIONE was previously named MOONBEAM II and she belonged to Mr Charles Plumtree Johnson who was a very keen sailor and yachtsman.

This bell certainly has some historic yachting pedigree.

Height 8 inches / 20 cm.

Diameter 8 inches / 20 cm.

Charles Plumtree Johnson was born in London in 1853. He was the son of the late Sir George Johnson, M.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P., of Savile Row, Physician-Extraordinary to her late Majesty Queen Victoria.

Charles commenced his yachting career in 1893, becoming the owner of Moonbeam, 25 tons, built by William Fife, senior, of Fairlie, in 1858. He owned her for six years, cruising and sometimes racing her. His next boat was Moonbeam II. (and later renamed CHIONE ) She was a 42 ton cutter designed by Mr Fred Shepherd, and built by Messrs. White Bros., of Southampton. She is a sound cruiser, and won several races, being good in heavy weather. In 1921 the yacht was changed to a yawl rig but after being dismasted in 1926 was changed again to a Bermudian yawl rig.

Charles ordered a new yacht to be built in 1903 and the new MOONBEAM was designed and built by William Fife. She was to be the first of Mr. Fife’s fine modern fleet of yawls, which included, Valdora, White Heather, and Rosamond. MOONBEAM was only raced occasionally, but she secured a number of prizes. 

Charles was a member of multiple sailing clubs: Fowey yacht club, Royal Thames yacht club, Royal South-Western yacht club, Royal Southern yacht club and the Yacht Racing Association. 

The CHIONE featured in the OGDENS collectors cigarette card series YACHTS & MOTORBOATS which were published in the 1930's. The CHIONE's details and history are printed on the reverse of the card.