Antique Sextant by Heath & Co, New Eltham, London, SE 9. 


Antique sextant by Heath & Co.

A brass three ring frame sextant with black crackle finish silver scale, engraved with Heath & Co, New Eltham, London, SE 9.

The silver scale is engraved from -7 degrees to 150 degrees and can measure angles up to 127 degrees, it is divided into 10 minute increments. The index arm has swinging scale magnifier, the silver Vernier scale reads from 0 to 10 seconds of arc. 6.5  inch radius.

This antique Sextant is contained within its original hardwood and Bakelite case. It comes with two telescopes.

Examination certificate dated 1944.

Front side of the antique sextant with telescopes. 

A close up of the antique sextant showing silver scale and engraved makers name.  

Rear view of Antique Sextant.

Close up of index arm on scale magnifier.