Welcome to our selection of antique ship models and dioramas. Ship models have been around for as long as the ships themselves, they vary from shipbuilders models, sailor made shipping dioramas and the intricate bone prisoner of war ship models.

Below is our selection of antique ship models and shipping dioramas.


Antique sailor made ship model. This scratch built ship model depicts a three masted barque rigged sailing ship. The ship model is accurately made and has nice proportion's, Details include: masts and spars with standing and running rigging, Capstan, Catheads, Davits, Deck houses, Windlass, ship's boats, fo'c'sle, poop deck, Dolphin striker, pulley blocks, skylights and steering box, ships wheel

The ships hull is painted with the traditional fake gun ports that were common on merchant sailing ships during the late 19th / early 20th century. There is a sailing pilot cutter on the portside of the ship and two steam tugs alongside on the starboard side, one of them is a paddlewheel steam tug. The ship is also flying the 'P' (Blue Peter) signal flag, indicating that the ship was leaving port and outward bound. The models are mounted on a simulated putty sea and contained within a scratch built glass display case.

Length: 18 inches / 46 cm. Height: 11 inches / 28 cm. Width: 6 inches / 15 cm.

antique half model sailing ship cutty sark


Antique half model of the sailing ship CUTTY SARK. The ship model is accurately made and has nice proportions.

Details include: Figurehead and bow decoration, cut down masts, Capstan, Catheads, Fo'c'sle, stairways, pin rails, deck houses, ship's boats, poop deck, whalebacks, skylights, steering box, ships wheel and rudder.

Mounted on a hardwood backboard. Length: 42 inches / 107 cm. - Height: 8.5 inches / 22 cm.


A 19th century diorama of a sailing ship, This antique diorama depicts a Brig ( square rigged sailing ship ) that is under full sail. The model is sailor made and mounted on a simulated putty sea, the ships sails are made from carved wood and the ship is set against a painted backdrop. The backbox is finished with a maple frame and glazed with early wavy glass which is complete with bubbles. There is a note attached to the back of the case which reads - 'This ship model was made by my great grandfather William Rosbottom 1849 - 1894'

This diorama certainly has lots of character.

Width: 17.5 inches / 45 cm. - Height: 13.5 inches / 34 cm.


A 19th century diorama of a sail assisted paddle steamship. This shipping diorama depicts an early paddle steamer named 'KAN KIN' the ship is also rigged with square sails on the foremast and spanker sail on the main mast. (very early steamships were still rigged with masts and sails for added security and additional speed)

The paddle steamer is mounted on a simulated paper sea and has a painted backdrop showing a headland with various buildings. There is a ships rowing boat in the painting behind the model and the model itself has a ships boat missing from starboard side and the boat davits have been swung out. Another sail assisted steamship is painted into the scene astern of the model. The model itself has accurate proportions and details include: masts and yards, standing and running rigging, simulated furled sails, anchor, catheads, capstan, deck hatch, paddle sidewheels, air vents, funnel with simulated smoke, three ships boats on davits, ladders, poop deck, whalebacks, skylight, compass binnacle, ships wheel mounted on steering quadrant and the ship is flying the red ensign.